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I'm vee, 20. I live in Solo - Indonesia~ My major interests are HT, Miura Haruma, Satoh Takeru, AMUSE (including team handsome, masha etc), Gintama and cats. I'm basically a nice person. Feel free to follow and ask me question :)


GNSK Fanbook - Vol. 4 Limited Edition Covers, and Bonus Mikorin

I saw scans of this cover floating around, but I guess this way you can see a textless version of the front cover, plus some of Tsubaki-sensei’s comments.

thank you <3


How to (not) protect you and your beloved from the rain with your school blazer.

*not to do stuffs

poor chiyo xD

Koseki Yuta in U-22 Junon

cute hair :3

28th August 2014
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“One thing you can’t hide - is when you’re crippled inside.” 

Koseki Yuta in U-22 Junon

Junon Boy xD


Koseki Yuta in Nihon Eiga Magazine, vol. 41 [May 2014].

handsome bb

20th August 2014
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lucid-spike: free! x titanic au. haru is jack and makoto is rose





Titanic merman au ?? Because sad endings don’t exist for makoharu XD

The talk show event for Satoh Takeru’s ALTERNATIVE photobook and Taketere VOL.1 DVD was held today, August 20, 2014. They had a contest for the Taketere DVD jacket/ cover and announced the winner.

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