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I'm vee, 20. I live in Solo - Indonesia~ My major interests are HT, Miura Haruma, Satoh Takeru, AMUSE (including team handsome, masha etc), Gintama and cats. I'm basically a nice person. Feel free to follow and ask me question :)
20th August 2014
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lucid-spike: free! x titanic au. haru is jack and makoto is rose





Titanic merman au ?? Because sad endings don’t exist for makoharu XD

The talk show event for Satoh Takeru’s ALTERNATIVE photobook and Taketere VOL.1 DVD was held today, August 20, 2014. They had a contest for the Taketere DVD jacket/ cover and announced the winner.

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happy independence day Indonesia!


Imagine your OTP in bed after a fight, facing away from each other. They both begin to feel guilty about the quarrel, and roll over to apologize… at the same time. They do it so abruptly that they bump their heads together. After being dazed for a few moments, they giggle and kiss, twining their legs together and snuggling. They quietly murmur their apologies and endearments to each other until they fall asleep.

papah and mamah won’t do that coz papah doesn’t have heart to get angry to mamah >__<


Koseki Yuta in Calpis CM. 

There are 6 versions of the CM, he appears in version 5 and 6. 

a bit late, but yuta is soooo cuteee mugyaaa

bb yuta.. please, you are being too cute.

Really cool kickass posters were displayed in the special Rurouni Kenshin Exhibit at Shinjuku Piccadilly in Japan. The exhibit opened this day, June 28, 2014.

Domo arigatou gozaimasu to Miyu-san for letting me share her cool photos. <3

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kenshin’s amazing hair *^*

Rurouni Kenshin stars Sato Takeru, Takei Emi, and Aoki Munetaka and Director Otomo Keishi were appointed as cultural friendship ambassadors by the Makati City Council during their stay in Manila. The city officials gave the cast locally-woven shawls while the cast gave the officials yukatas.

Sato Takeru, Takei Emi, Aoki Munetaka and Otomo Keishi then posed a Rurouni Kenshin-themed jeepney after the program.

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excuse me, just, what kind of hairstyle is that? they look 10 years older


Words from the Samurai

Nyahahaha…Sato Takeru-san gave words for the Filipinos. The premiere night was so amazing (as I saw on the news, if only i can teleport from there >w<)

Ahh.. no I want to watch Rurouni Kenshin.. I love Jdrama that’s for sure. I hope many japanese movies will be filmed at Philippines^^

Anyway God Bless all the casts and people involved on the project “3

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he’s really nice :)

04th August 2014
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Toshio Suzuki has announced the closure of Studio Ghibli. Here’s a translated version of the news article:

"Just moments ago, Toshio Suzuki, Studio Ghibli producer, announced on the TV show of the MBS Jounetsu Tairiku chain effectively as announced as sources close to the studio, Studio Ghibli will close and production studio anime, leaving himself only as a company that will manage its trademarks. As stated in the program’s producer, "the production department of anime will be dismantled," which coincides with the data that we gave in our previous post on this decision had been taken from spring after the poor reception at the box office of Kaguya-hime no Monogatari.

In the interview, Suzuki has also admitted that it was a major setback for the study progress Hayao Miyazaki, one of the reasons already unveiled the portal Rakuten Woman. Once we have access to the full TV interview, adding more data. No doubt that this is a very sad news for Japanese animation, of which we are all fans, because it is undeniable everything Studio Ghibli has given the anime. Please remember that what will be his last film, Omoide no Marnie, premiered at the Japanese box office on 19 July.”

this is sad :(